Beyond Stuck 10

“I thoroughly enjoyed the “Beyond Stuck” group coaching class! Sometimes you don’t realize how important it is to be a part of a setting where you are surrounded by others who are goal-minded, focused and determined to move forward.  The group provides such an opportunity and is the accountability that leaders, entrepreneurs and others need to stay on course and reach their goals.  Coletta is an impactful strategist whose wisdom will benefit your life.” -C.R.

“Coletta’s book, “Beyond Stuck” has influenced my life significantly in just six weeks since joining the group class. For 13 years, I was a very lost person and couldn’t find my way back on track. This book has given me guidance on getting back to me, my vision and my passion.  When I started this journey, I was desperate for change in my life so I immediately got to work–starting with taking care of myself again.  In five weeks since beginning the journey, I lost 4 pants sizes.  I made up my mind to go back to school and in six weeks, I was enrolled in an IT program. I have also started vocal training again as a step to moving forward in my singing career that has been stagnant for years. Can’t wait to see what the rest of this journey brings.” – G.S.

“Coletta’s coaching has kept me focused and accountable to my goals, allowing me to move forward toward my goals of becoming an entrepreneur. I assure you that working with Coletta will allow you to progress in life in ways you’ve never imagined!” -VM

“Being a part of the “Beyond Stuck” group coaching class started a positive movement in my life and led me back in the right direction towards my destiny.  The weekly exchanges of testimonials, overcoming obstacles, and execution of strategies through planning and goal setting catapulted me from settling in life.  Now I can create again and grow in the areas of my life that were dormant because I am Beyond Stuck. – T.S.

“Coletta keeps you on track without making it feel like a chore. She is genuinely invested in your success and not only does she offer tools to help you realize your goals, but she allows you to talk it out so you’re able to come up with what works for you.” -PM

“The Word [Coletta shared] was inspiring and informational. It gave potential visionaries hope that it could be accomplished.” -Dr. Brown

“Coletta was dynamic. Everyone talked about her message on the way home. -Pastor Viola Watson

The spoken word was made simplistic and obtainable. The people left encouraged and inspired. We left the conference knowing how to make this applicable to our daily lives.” -Co-Pastor Daphene

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